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Hello and thanks for stumbling onto our site!

We are a couple living in Seattle. We love to cook, eat, travel, and enjoy the simpler things in life.  We created this site in conjunction with our Youtube channel to share our love of food.  

A little about us

We like to stay anonymous.  In this day and age of social media, privacy is really important to us

At the same time we still want to share our passion with others, perhaps make your day a tiny bit cozier. ?

That being said, we would love to share a little bit about ourselves and our relationship to food, so here’s a snippet from each of us below:


Growing up I was lucky to have a grandma who cooked for us.  I was the little helper child, always told to:

wash the rice, wash the veggies, skim the fat from soup, roll the rice balls….

You get the picture. 

My love for food grew from my grandma’s cooking.  She made everything from scratch.  We had homemade soup with every dinner.  Nothing was ever measured in the traditional western sense.  

And we rarely ate out.  Largely for 3 reasons.  Homemade food was:

  • Tastier and to your personal preference
  • Much healthier
  • Cheaper (eating out adds up)

I of course eat out way more than I did back then.  But I still love to cook at home.  (Minus the washing of dishes.  That’s what a dishwasher is for.)

I hope to one day cook as well as her.  And have that food intuition.  


I like putting yummy yummy stuff in my tummy tummy tummy.

Contact info

Email: stircozy@gmail.com