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Spring is here! Reminiscing about The French Laundry

table with lattes, beignets, macarons
Table setup for dessert with beignets, animal-shaped macarons, lattes

When I think of spring, it reminds me of beautiful gardens, blooming flowers, pastel colors, and The French Laundry.

Why The French Laundry?

A couple years ago we were lucky and were able to snag a table at Thomas Keller’s restaurant during Easter Sunday.

We were dressed in our Sunday best, walking around their huge garden across the street from the restaurant. It was beautiful. And a preview of what was to come.

When it was time for our reservation, we were seated upstairs in a small table, adjacent to a window. It felt very quaint and charming. Like we were in a little cottage from a fairy tale.

The food was exceptional. The service was like a well choreographed dance. It was definitely an experience to remember.

I highly recommend going if you’re able to get a reservation, (which is so much easier now that you can do it online).

We hope to go to The French Laundry again some day. Until then I’ll reminisce with some of the pictures I took while I was there.

french laundry bread in shape of a flower
French Laundry’s bread in a shape of a flower
grilled beef
Charcoal grilled wagyu beef (best dish of the day!)
Assorted chocolate bonbons
Assorted chocolate bonbons

Don’t the pictures just make you want to go? ?

For now we are stuck locally until we get vaccinated.

Can’t really complain though, spring is gorgeous in Seattle.

What’s spring in Seattle like?

Flowers are blooming. ? Evidence below:

plum blossoms
Close-up of pink plum blossoms
small blue flowers from a tree
Small blue flowers from a tree

Birds are chirping. (Annoyingly so in the morning.)

The days are longer. It’s the best.

We try to take walks throughout the week in our neighborhood while the weather is nice.

I’m sure rain will hit us at some point. But it’s been surprisingly sunny as of late.

I love winter, but there’s something about the coming of spring that is refreshing and energizing. It’s still on the chilly side in Seattle so we’re still cooking lots of soup and one-pot meals.

We recently cooked some Japanese curry, which is such an easy way to use up any vegetables you have in hand.

I’ll leave you with a recent vlog of that below. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy spring!

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